Massage chairs have become part of our daily lives and an essential part of our well-being. Our massage chairs are among the best technologically advanced chairs available in the way massages are delivered.

They are handy and easy to use, enabling an enjoyable massage right in the comfort of your home at anytime. Using the latest electronic technology, quality high-end massage chairs are designed to perform and often improve the same movements used by hands-on professionally trained people.

After any repetitive activities, exhausting work, a need to release stress or just for some well-deserved pampering, what could be better than a massage? Having a massage is certainly one of the most well-liked and preferred ways of relaxing and relieving tension. Most accumulated body aches, pain and heaviness can be relieved in a matter of minutes with a good massage. Not only is it for loosening tense muscles and associated pressure points within the body, but also mentally it relaxes, reinvigorates and promotes restful sleep.


Our society now is vastly different from years gone by. Many of us are so busy we don’t allow ourselves proper time to recover from daily physical and mental stresses. We barely give ourselves enough time to eat properly, relax and rejuvenate, much less take the time to see a professional massage therapist. Hi-End massage chairs can accommodate our busy lifestyles and can help with valuable health benefits such as:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Increase blood and lymph circulation
  • Improve joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduces body tension and stress; particularly in the upper, mid, and lower back regions
  • Helps reduce swelling in injuries
  • Increased endorphin levels
  • Reduced muscle spasm and tension
  • Faster healing from pulled or strained muscles and ligaments
  • Promotes deeper breathing

If used correctly a massage chair can help hasten healing and the realignment of muscles you may be targeting in order to feel better physically. A massage recliner chair can also help increase endorphin levels which can have a powerful positive effect on the mental and emotional state.


There are many types of massage and some should only be performed by trained therapists. However, through the use of advanced robotic systems of mechanical rollers and air massage devices, today’s massage chairs provide the same 3-dimensional hands-on techniques of a trained massage therapist at the touch of a button (if you have a chronic spinal condition or have recently had spinal surgery, check with your doctor before using a massage chair).

The massage techniques most commonly found in massage chairs include:


A circular movement that applies and releases pressure to the neck and spine to help increase circulation throughout the body, ease soreness and work out any knots. The sensation is similar to a massage therapist using thumbs and fingers to apply pressure up and down both sides of the spine.


Built-in rollers in the chair move up and down the spine to help stretch spinal muscles and relieve tension while also relieving pressure on spinal discs. Spinal nerve roots are stimulated and back pain is reduced. The rolling action also helps prepare back muscles for deeper massage.


The zero gravity position in a massage chair is just like being in the space ship where the chair reclines back and evenly distributes your body weight for the most comfortable position for your overall body and most importantly your back and spine. This position is also important because it really helps your circulatory system in allowing the body to provide better circulation throughout your feet, whole body and most importantly your heart. A true Zero-Gravity position should get your feet raised above your heart . When your feet are above your heart not only does this increase your blood circulation but it actually decreases your blood pressure. Zero gravity also gives the user of the massage chair the deepest massage because the chair is using the body weight of the person to really drive the rollers in the back region to work out the knots and stress most users are looking for.


Rapid movements delivered up and down the spine help reduce stiffness, ease tension and increases circulation. The more taps per minute, the better the result. Some chairs are now available with up to 500 taps per minute for optimal pain relief.


Mechanical or air devices operate at variable speeds to deliver a 3-dimensional massage from ankles to knees, relieving stress and soreness in tired legs.


Mechanical or air devices in the footrest apply “thumb” pressure to the feet.


Shiatsu Massage is an alternative technique that involves pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain.


Use a massage chair for back pain relief and improve your quality of life!

We at, have been selling massage chairs for nearly ten years and feedback from most of our customers is almost universal – they help with the relief of lower back pain and sciatica.

It is a purchase they feel has changed their lives and something they wish they had done years earlier!

A good quality zero gravity massage chair is not a luxury anymore. According to our customers, it is an investment that can improve your quality of life.

A leading nearby chiropractic clinic purchased eight of our massage chairs and the chiropractor insists his patients warm-up and relax in one of our massage chairs prior to receiving adjustments and manipulation.

Fancy an Obligation FREE Massage in our Showroom?

Use a massage chair for stress relief and improve your quality of life!

In today’s society stress is a major factor in everyone’s life no matter where they live. Stress related illnesses are on the rise requiring awareness and action.

With a showroom full of massage chairs, we at can have a massage any time and can testify that a relaxing massage eases the stress of a busy working day.

A major Brisbane hospital recently installed two of our massage chairs in their Oncology Department for the above mentioned reasons.

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