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This time of the year I am getting ready to go on another one my frequent Chinese trips.

The purpose of these trips is to continually stay well informed of the very latest technical developments in the massage chair industry.

My first stop is in Hong Kong (fingers crossed) to attend the HK Electronics Fair near the airport. This Fair usually does not disappoint and the very latest technical inventions are here to be seen for the first time.

I will then fly to Wenzhou in mainland China to the manufacturer of our beautiful MC-2020 massage chairs. They have just finished a move to a brand new (much larger) factory.

They are keen to show me around and show me what might be available in the very new future.

I will then do a quick trip to Guangzhou and have a look at phase 1. of the very famous Canton Fair … The Fair runs for 3 weeks and is divided into 3 phases. It features also the latest inventions and products that we are yet to see in Australia. All good massage chair manufacturers will display their products in one huge hall (about one hundred different manufacturers in total) and of course, all want your business …

I have made this trip twice per year ever since we started in 2003 and know precisely what to expect. It is a must-do affair if one wants to stay on top of all the happenings in the massage chair industry.

I will report in a future blog on what my experiences were this year.

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