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We specialise in top quality and highly advanced massage chairs. Chiropractic clinics and major hospitals are amongst our clients.

Client Testimonials

Exceptional product & service!

Exceptional product & service. Very happy with the 2nd hand chair I purchased, until it stopped working after a couple of months. One call to them and they organised for technician Kurtis to drive all the way to Noosa from the Gold Coast the next day to service it under warranty (this was the day before Xmas Eve mind you).

Fantastic service, can’t recommend enough.
Marcus Biggs
Massage Chair - MC-2020 Royale

We have owned our chair for 2 years and could not be happier!

We want you to know how delighted we are with our Massage Chair - (MC-2020 Royale).

I was gored by a bull many years ago and since have suffered with a lot of back pain which, over the years got progressively worse. I am now in my mid 70’s and was finding it hard to function without strong pain medication. Since we purchased the chair almost 12 months ago I have improved immensely and I am now off all pain medication which is testimony to the MC-2020 Royale. My wife also uses the chair on a regular basis and has also benefited from using it.

At our time of purchase we looked at other chairs but felt that the MC-2020 was the better chair, not only did we think it was more solidly built but the Warranty that comes with it was far superior.

We want to thank you and your Service Representative for your excellent service and would highly recommend this chair. I am very happy to pass on my experience to any future purchaser.

Kind Regards and many thanks,
John and Joy Hayes.
Massage Chair - MC-2020 Royale

We have owned our chair for 2 years and could not be happier!

Our previous chair from another company could not be repaired after 10 years of service which prompted us to research on the internet for a replacement chair.

There are many chairs on the market and the internet allows for extensive research. We wanted the latest technology with all the features and a good warranty and service. There are chairs available that cost less and some that cost more with different offerings when it comes to massage settings etc.

We selected the MC 2020 Royale because of its expensive features – we love the Chinese and Thai massage and have it set for 30 minutes. I love getting into the chair, pulling down the temple massage pillow, sliding my hands and arms into the side location, selecting my preferred massage and hitting start. The 96 airbags and feet rollers then go to work to give a wonderful massage. As the latest tech ie 4th generation, the chair massages our buttocks (we both have issues with our sciatica from time to time) and the zero gravity is something else.

Another reason we were attracted this this particular chair was its warranty and service. The chair came with 5 years parts and labour warranty and a 10 year structural warranty.

About 12 months into our ownership, we experienced a problem with the chair. A phone call to Bernie resulted in us working through a number of investigations and supply of a new inner cover. When this did not fix the problem, Bernie sent his repair man to Yeppoon and he fixed the problem. A few months later, another problem developed and we rang Bernie. Once we described what we were experiencing, Bernie advised that China would be online in 30 minutes and he would get back to us. He rang back an hour later and advised the resolution proposed by the manufacturer. Bernie dispatched his mechanic who arrived with a full range of spare parts and a complete chair shell as a precaution. The mechanic repaired the chair and it has been operating since as required.

Last week, as part of a routine clean of the chair, I noticed that both boot covers (for the foot massage) had developed a hole and the back cover had deteriorated and needed replacement. I rang Bernie to purchase replacements but he advised it was not possible as he provided these free of charge as part of the service.

I collected my chair direct from the showroom and with the assistance of my son, followed all directions and assembled the chair. However it is a heavy and bulky chair and I would strongly recommend that buyers take advantage of the delivery and installation option.

My wife uses the chair 2 or 3 times and day and we both love what it does for us. It may not be the lowest priced chair available but the features of the chair combined with the warranty and after sales service made it a value buy for us. It also makes it an easy chair to recommend to others. I am more than happy to answer any questions and you can get my mobile number from Bernie.
Bert and Sophia Watson
Massage Chair – MC 2020 Royale

It has saved me many thousands of dollars, I can do this in the comfort of my home, and in my own time.

“I have received treatment from Remedial Massage Therapists, supported by occasional visits to Physiotherapists for several years. My particular issues range from muscular-skeletal problems across the lower bursa area, through to the back and neck. After conducting research and the testing products on the market, I purchased a MC Royal Massage Chair from Massage Chairs Australia. I have used the chair now for two years and have not required any further treatment related to these problem areas. It has saved me many thousands of dollars, I can do this in the comfort of my home, and in my own time. When I do have a flare up, no need to make an appointment, just use the chair.”

• I can personally vouch for the benefits and quality of this product, it is not a toy, nor an inferior relaxation item, it is the real deal.
• I have experienced the reduction of pain and health benefits as a result of using this massage chair.
• It has changed my life, enabling me to continue to actively participate in life, be comfortable and not in constant pain or muscular soreness.
Wayne Mulvany
Massage Chair – MC 2020 Royale
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